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Our Sources

We’re proud of where our ingredients come from, and that’s why we want you to get to know some of the businesses that help create the food you love.  Our chicken sources vary each week depending on what is available to us and is always organic and free of hormones.  Our seafood sources also vary and are always wild caught and never ever farmed.

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We get our grass fed beef, lamb and pastured pork products from Judy and Harry at Juha Ranch in Barry, Texas, located about an hour from the Gourmaleo kitchen.


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Our grass fed bison is exclusively from The Honest Bison.  Their humanely raised bison is the most delicious and ethical grass fed bison we’ve found yet.  Be sure to check out their website and show them some love on Instagram by following @thehonestbison.

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Our organic eggs come from Vital Farms, located in Central Texas, where every hen has 108 feet of pasture to graze from.  Check out their website for more educational information on why pastured eggs are the healthiest, most ethical option and show them some love on Instagram by following @vitalfarms.