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Our home gym, Crossfit 214 just completed a 30 day paleo team challenge. We’re so excited because this fabulous group of ladies (who named themselves “Sweat Angels”) and their Coach Daniel Crisler won and THREE of them are Gourmaleo clients.

Earlier this week, we also received a text from a loyal Gourmaleo client who was part of the winning team. “Thank you so much for starting Gourmaleo! You have no idea how much you are helping me reach my goals! I was able to lose 5% body fat and gain 7 pounds of muscle mass in 30 days. I just want you to know deep of an impact you are making and you are really changing people’s lives!”

This is why we do what we do. Helping people create a healthier life with ease is awesome! Delivering delicious paleo food that is not only great for your body (both how it looks and how it feels) but also supports local farming and ranching in the Dallas area is the ultimate goal of Gourmaleo. Keep your success stories coming.

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