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We’re now delivering to the Sunflower Shoppe in Ft. Worth and Colleyville on Mondays!  If you live in the Mid Cities or Ft. Worth, you can select your delivery to your preferred store location and pick up your meals anytime after 9:30 on Monday. For more info, check out this page.


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For those of you who don’t know my background or why I eat paleo, let first tell you a little bit about myself.  If you’ve already heard my story, feel free to skip the next few paragraphs.

I started running when I was 11.  I think I first ran a 1 mile “fun run” and moved on to a 5K quickly after that.  In school I joined the cross country team and after taking a few years off following a couple of knee surgeries (completely unrelated to running), I spent most of my late teens and adult life as a runner.  I trained and ran a marathon just to see if I could do it.  (I could.)  I ran for health, of course, but also for the mental rewards.  I loved the quiet peace it brought me where I could run and just check out from my daily stresses.  I could listen to my favorite music, come up with new ideas, work through my problems, and get in a work out all at the same time.  I ran in every new city I moved to or visited: the San Juan Mountains in Telluride, the hilly streets of San Francisco, the Blue Ridge Parkway through the gorgeous Appalachian Mountains, endless loops around Town Lake Trail in Austin, the list goes on and on.  Running was simply part of me.

When I was 27 I started to develop severe knee pain.  It would begin in the morning when I woke up and my joints felt like they were on fire.  I would limp to work.  I would shed tears to get up the stairs to my kitchen I was working in and I would lean on my cutting board and try to lift some of my weight off the ground to take some of the pressure off my knees.  I went to an orthopedic doctor and had X-Rays and an MRI.  It was very simple: Osteoarthritis.  Inflammation in my knees.  Ironically it wasn’t from the running, it was more likely from my knee surgeries in my teens.  The doctor told me I’d be an ideal candidate for knee replacement surgery when I turned 40.  He said I had the knees of a 55 year old.   Oh, and I had to quit running.

I went through 3 months of getting steroids and lubricants injected into my knees.  This helped with some of the joint point, but not all of it.  I also had to take Celebrex which was costing me almost $100 a month with insurance, a huge bill for someone making $12 an hour.  But I still wasn’t allowed to run.  I was allowed to do yoga, swim, and use the elliptical machine at the gym.  And I still had knee pain.  Some days I would come home from work and have to ice my knees for the rest of the night.  I finally quit my 10 year career of cooking because my knees couldn’t handle it.  Goodbye kitchens, goodbye running shoes.

Fast forward two years: I was bored with my work outs, unhappy from not getting the mental stress relief of my long runs (or even a short one!), unhappy with the shape I was in and missing my old life.  My husband came home from his Crossfit gym telling me about this paleo diet he heard might improve his athletic performance.  He wanted to remove grains, sugar and dairy from his diet.  Being the resident cook of the household, I went paleo as well, by default.  I had absolutely no expectations- it was just more convenient for both of us to eat the same way and I had hoped I might get lucky and lose 5 pounds.  About 6-8 weeks later I was going stir-crazy and I joined his Crossfit gym.  I knew my knees were going to hurt and that I would likely need to quit as soon as I started but I was SO bored with my workouts and wanted to try something new.  What happened next was astonishing: I had no joint pain after my work out.  I had plenty of muscle soreness but absolutely NO pain in my knees.  I kept going back thinking “This is going to be the day that my knees give out.”  And every day continued to be pain-free.  The only thing I had changed was my diet so I started to really research the paleo diet to see if my story was unique.  And it wasn’t.  Reducing autoimmune and inflammatory diseases is one of the points of the paleo diet.  People with arthritis like me, people with M.S., rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, Lupus… they are all changing their own lives as well.  Over 3 years of eating paleo have gone by and I have enjoyed life without knee pain almost every day.

This brings us to today.  I like to take short runs here and there but I’ve been craving a longer run and secretly afraid my 3+ year bubble of pain-free knees might pop if I started trying long runs.

This morning I ran 5 miles.

The fact that it was the fastest 5 mile run I’ve ever completed isn’t the point.  The point is that I did it.  The point is that when I finished, my knees felt fantastic and I had a sense of peace in my mind that I’ve been missing since my last 5-mile run almost 7 years ago.  The point is that when I finished, I went into work and cooked in my commercial kitchen for another 5 hours with absolutely no discomfort.

The only unpleasant thing I felt was anger that I lost so many years of doing what I love because my doctor didn’t know that food can change your life.  It’s really that simple: taking out a few ingredients changed my life.  It gave me my life back, actually.  And here I am, back in the kitchen, trying to make it a little easier for others to make that change too.  It could be arthritis, leaky gut, allergies, M.S.: the possibility of relief is there and it’s real.  I hear people call the paleo diet a trend, but regardless of it coming or going, it’s WORKING.  And whether you’re wavering on trying it out or if you’re a paleo expert, I hope that Gourmaleo can make living paleo a little easier for you.




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Gourmaleo has had one heck of first year in 2013 and if the first week of January 2014 is any indicator of what’s to come this year then BRING IT ON!

2013 was a year that “paleo diet” became a mainstream topic of conversation. Who’d have thought: a lifestyle change that’s not only satiating, delicious and makes you feel better/think clearer, but it also can help you lose weight, completely eliminate symptoms of auto immune diseases and give you a closer connection to where your food is sourced.

Gourmaleo has been lucky to provide meals to our clients at a time of so much constant paleo chatter. Our growth has been entirely due to word of mouth and we’re grateful that clients come back and re-order week after week. We’ve seen it all this year and the clients we didn’t expect to have are such a treat: parents of newborn babies who want to keep their lifestyles healthy while being pressed for time, retired couples who’s illnesses have made it difficult to cook for themselves, families who need a little assistance in the kitchen while taking kids to games, school and recitals, and athletes who want to better their performance in the gym. We are honored to be part of your life. Making it easier to eat paleo is our mission. Thank you for including us.

In the coming year we want to continue to give you the great tasting meals you love, a closer connection to the people who ranch and farm your ingredients and the convenience of knowing you CAN eat paleo conveniently. Share your story with us! Tell us what your lifestyle is like and how we can help make eating paleo even easier for you. Have a favorite recipe you’d like to see more often or some feedback about online ordering or delivery? Email any ideas and feedback to

Cheers to a healthy 2014,

Tricia Lewis


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Gourmaleo will not be delivering the week of Thanksgiving: Sunday November 24 and Wednesday November 27. Delivery will resume it’s normal schedule the following week.

Even though the holidays are full of tempting foods you don’t normally see the rest of the year, Thanksgiving is an easy holiday to eat paleo without feeling like you’re missing out. For some great recipe ideas, check out:

Elana’s Pantry

A quick Buzzfeed list of great recipe ideas

Paleo OMG

Happy Holidays and we’ll see you after Turkey Day!


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We have so much exciting news for you!   You suggested and we listened:

The pricing has decreased on some entrees to bring you MORE value!  Enjoy your savings! On entrees that come with a side vegetable, you can now choose your own side!  Whether you need more carbs or just hate broccoli, we want you to get the meals you love. The choices will change weekly to bring you more variety but our most popular sides will be available every week. We have had requests from our Zone clients to add fruit so sides of fresh seasonal fruit are available for order.  (No lame melon salads here!) Our most popular side item, bacon fat roasted brussels sprouts, are also available for order by themselves.  Did you know that even our bacon fat comes from locally pastured hogs? Next week we’re adding DESSERT!  Keep an eye out for our 100% paleo chocolate hazelnut tart!


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Gourmaleo will have a table set up at this Saturday’s WOD for a Cure competition, benefitting the Lukemia and Lymphoma Society, hosted by Crossfit Underworld. We will be giving away Gourmaleo samples to help spread the word to Dallas about our paleo meal deliveries, and we’re also going to be donating gift bags to the winners! There is still room to register if you want to compete as an advanced or intermediate athlete. Registration ends on Friday September 6.

In six months of business, we have learned so much about creating a better product for you. Big changes are coming later this week that are going to offer you more ways to customize your menu to suit your tastes and needs. Whether you need more carbs or you just hate a certain veggie, we want you to have control of that when it comes to choosing your meals. Next week’s menu begins a new chapter for Gourmaleo, so stay tuned!


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Hatch chiles are in season right now, which means we’re going to try and feature them as much as possible and this week, we have a roasted hatch green chile and onion stuffed organic chicken. Eating seasonally is beneficial for a number of reasons, but the healthiest reason to eat produce in season is you’re eating it while at its peak for vitamins and minerals. Peppers are really high in vitamin C and low in sugar, unlike oranges who usually get all the credit but contain a lot of sugar. Eating a hatch chile pepper will give you approximately 182% of your RDA of Vitamin C, as opposed to a metric cup of oranges, which gives you approximately 160% of your RDA of Vitamin C.

Gourmaleo features as much local and seasonal produce as possible. Incorporating this into a paleo diet benefits your health and the local farming community surrounding Dallas. Just another way we’re trying to make eating paleo better for you and better for the world.


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Our home gym, Crossfit 214 just completed a 30 day paleo team challenge. We’re so excited because this fabulous group of ladies (who named themselves “Sweat Angels”) and their Coach Daniel Crisler won and THREE of them are Gourmaleo clients.

Earlier this week, we also received a text from a loyal Gourmaleo client who was part of the winning team. “Thank you so much for starting Gourmaleo! You have no idea how much you are helping me reach my goals! I was able to lose 5% body fat and gain 7 pounds of muscle mass in 30 days. I just want you to know deep of an impact you are making and you are really changing people’s lives!”

This is why we do what we do. Helping people create a healthier life with ease is awesome! Delivering delicious paleo food that is not only great for your body (both how it looks and how it feels) but also supports local farming and ranching in the Dallas area is the ultimate goal of Gourmaleo. Keep your success stories coming.


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It’s peach season!  Right now stone fruits such as peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines are at their peak.  Texas peaches are the best I’ve tasted in years so go support your local farmers market and get some!  This month we’re featuring grilled tandoori chicken and peach skewers which are mildly spicy and mix perfectly with the sweetness of the peaches.


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Hey Everyone!

We’re back to blogging: our paleo roots!  Gourmaleo started out as a recipe blog for fellow paleo enthusiasts looking to spice up their lives in the kitchen with new recipes.  What happened next was completely unexpected!  The transition from cooking meals for a couple of bachelors on the weekends to a full time business dedicated entirely to the delivery of fresh paleo meals to the city of Dallas has been full of exciting challenges and rewards!  We are so grateful for the support we’ve received from the community.

You’ll find our latest blog posts here about what’s going on in the world of Gourmaleo.  You can still find some of our recipes on our old tumbler blog here.  In the mean time, we’re working on transferring some of your favorite recipes to a new recipe index page on this new website, so keep checking back.

Please check out our Instagram page for lots of photos of what we’re up to in the kitchen and like our Facebook page for previews of the next weeks’ menu and links to cool paleo-related articles.  As always, keep spreading the word: you never know who’s looking to make eating clean a little more convenient and that’s where we come in.

Bon Appetit,