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Gourmaleo has had one heck of first year in 2013 and if the first week of January 2014 is any indicator of what’s to come this year then BRING IT ON!

2013 was a year that “paleo diet” became a mainstream topic of conversation. Who’d have thought: a lifestyle change that’s not only satiating, delicious and makes you feel better/think clearer, but it also can help you lose weight, completely eliminate symptoms of auto immune diseases and give you a closer connection to where your food is sourced.

Gourmaleo has been lucky to provide meals to our clients at a time of so much constant paleo chatter. Our growth has been entirely due to word of mouth and we’re grateful that clients come back and re-order week after week. We’ve seen it all this year and the clients we didn’t expect to have are such a treat: parents of newborn babies who want to keep their lifestyles healthy while being pressed for time, retired couples who’s illnesses have made it difficult to cook for themselves, families who need a little assistance in the kitchen while taking kids to games, school and recitals, and athletes who want to better their performance in the gym. We are honored to be part of your life. Making it easier to eat paleo is our mission. Thank you for including us.

In the coming year we want to continue to give you the great tasting meals you love, a closer connection to the people who ranch and farm your ingredients and the convenience of knowing you CAN eat paleo conveniently. Share your story with us! Tell us what your lifestyle is like and how we can help make eating paleo even easier for you. Have a favorite recipe you’d like to see more often or some feedback about online ordering or delivery? Email any ideas and feedback to

Cheers to a healthy 2014,

Tricia Lewis