About Me

Tricia Lewis, owner and executive chef of Gourmaleo, is a 2003 graduate of The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.  She has cooked her way around the country from San Francisco to Telluride to Austin and her obsession with nutritional baking and healthy diets has always lead her to seek out the alternative when it comes to what we eat.

After almost 20 years of long distance running and multiple knee surgeries, Tricia developed osteoarthritis in her knees and was told to give up high impact sports entirely and start taking costly prescription arthritis medication.  After two frustrating years of fruitless workouts and thousands of dollars spent in the pharmacy, Tricia began eating paleo and eliminated the majority of her arthritis symptoms within a matter of weeks.

As a formally trained chef with over 15 years of cooking in restaurants, hotels and bakeries, Tricia’s relationship with food changed completely after seeing how quickly our bodies can heal after eliminating just a few ingredients.  Her goal is to bring more awareness to a paleo lifestyle while making eating paleo a convenient, gourmet experience.

Tricia is happy to report that she now runs, squats, lunges and jumps with no arthritis pain at all and has been medication free for over four years.